Get list of file in folder in Google drive

Dear Members,

Can anyone help or can share find files and folder demo xaml file.

I had already gone through documents but no able to understande google.api.request error .

Can anyone help.

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Sahil garg

Any help will be appreciated.

Assign a var filepath as google drive path
In a Stringarray assign STR_ARRAY=Directory.GetFiles(filepath,“*.xml”)
For each item in STR_ARRAY
Assign Filename=Path.GetFileName(item.toString)
you can keep writing to excel or datatable, however you want to store

Hi ,

I tried your way , it is saying path is not supported .

If it works for you please share a sample demo xaml file .

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Sahil garg

Could you please screenshot ur workflow? meanwhile I will share mine too


Please see ,

sorry, I am not sure it will be useful for you, I tried with onedrive, you have to mention path as C:\aaa\bb

Hi ,

Thanx for your help.

But i want to visit website and get files from there ,not from onedrive

Again thanx for help .

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Can you try copying the folder to your local and get what you want

Hi ,

Actually my requirement doesn’t allow me to do that .

ok, let see if anyone else can help you