Get LinkedIn feed from multiple companies using one Flowchart


I am looking for a way to get the posts from multiple company accounts on LinkedIn and saving them in a CSV file using one single Flowchart.

I have the URLs from the LinkedIn Accounts in a CSV file that I read in and add to an existing DataTable using “read CSV”. I then use “For each row” to open each URL in a browser. To get the posts I used the “Data Extraction” function and I append the posts to an existing CSV before opening the next URL. It does open each link fine but it only saves the posts from the account that I use as a reference for the data extraction function. I tried clearing the DataTable before opening a new URL and I also tried playing with the selector but without any success.

I currently have 3 URLs in my CSV. After the flowchart has run, the posts from the referenced company account is written into the final CSV 3 times, however the posts from the other two URLs are not.

Any help would be really appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Since the data extraction could be valid for one url only so it won’t work with the other two.
If you could share what data you want to extract from the URLs I could give further solution