Get latest text file from a folder using uipath-C# code

What is the C# expression to get latest text file from a folder?

give a try on:

new DirectoryInfo("C:\\MyDirectory").GetFiles().OrderByDescending(f => f.LastWriteTime).First();


Directory.GetFiles("C:\\MyDirectory","*.txt").OrderByDescending(f => new FileInfo(f).LastWriteTime).First();


Thank you peter for a quick help, but i get an error:(

some members reported similar issues (a possible relationship to infrastructure and not to code statement) when using c#- Lets take @loginerror into the loop for getting a feedback on this.

@MANISHA_V_ARORA - just checking…is ADSFilepath is a variable ? If yes , that was given inside the quotes …but it should not…please check…

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Yes it is a variable, I removed the quotes too same error.


I’ve seen someone resolve a similar syntax issue by installing .NET Framework 4.8. Could you give it a try?

And also, please check all the other packages required per your Windows version here:

Yay!It worked!
Thank you Maciej,

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