Get Latest Date with Max function from list (of Match)

how to use max function for list of regular.expressions.matches datatype, i am getting multiple date as list (list1) list of datatype as system.
consider dates like { [25.07.2020], [26.08.2020], [26.08.2020], [26.09.2020] }
or may be something like
{ [05.06.2019], [18.09.2020], [26.04.2021], [31.12.2021] }
Assign: At least one object must implement IComparable.

let us be a little more clear on the requirements:

input: the Result of a Regex - IEnumerable(of Match) Or MatchCollection?
Matches: DateTime Strings like: 25.07.2020…
expected: the latest Date as DateTime?

for more better understanding attached pdf
regex in matches activity will be “[0-9]{2}.[0-9]{2}.[0-9]{4}”
to get this output { [05.06.2019], [18.09.2020], [26.04.2021], [31.12.2021] }

So I believe it will be like:
1.input: the Result of a Regex - IEnumerable(of Match) it is s output of matches activity
but when i update in datatable it comes as
2.Matches: DateTime Strings like: 25.07.2020 ----- Yes
3.Matches: DateTime Strings like: 25.07.2020…in dd/MM/yyyy format
expected: the latest Date as String

Sample document.pdf (27.0 KB)

before doing this
also can we check if all the elements of the list or array are unique ?
list is basically set of dates
{ [05.06.2019], [18.09.2020], [26.04.2021], [31.12.2021] }


Ensure Following:

give a try on following:
Assign Activity
Left Side: MaxDate - DataType: DateTime
Right Side:

YourMatchResultVar.Max(Function (x) DateTime.ParseExact(x.ToString,"dd.MM.yyyy",CultureInfo.InvariantCulture))

for getting the string, just do following:

Sample (130.7 KB)

Sharing sample workflow
I am not able get maximum date
and if any two dates are different

ok converting I can do

checking it in the immediate panel verifies that the statement is working

ensure that following namespaces are imported:

List_Date.Distinct().Count <> List_Date.Count
its giving same value even when one value is different and two values are same
so all conditions it showing same dates and value of MulDates is False

List_Date is not storing in datacolumn2
what should be column datatype and how to add data row ?

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Sure I will do this
so now for the above two things where do u want me to post on ?

@Sakshi_Jain - Please find the workflow sample and Output MaxDate(31/12/2021)

Here StrOuput is of variable type = MatchCollection


MaxDate = StrOutput.Cast(of Match).Max(Function (x) DateTime.ParseExact(x.ToString,"dd.MM.yyyy",CultureInfo.InvariantCulture))

MaxDate is of Datetime variable

Write Line ==> MaxDate.tostring(“dd/MM/yyyy”)

Hope this helps…

Please share workflow as shared above

@Sakshi_Jain - Please find the workflow attached… (65.7 KB)

If you run it, it will print the max date from the list…