Get largest number from list of string

Hi, I have numbers stored as strings in a list of strings, and am wondering is there a syntax which can help me get the maximum number?

i.e “1”, “2” are stored in a list of string, and i want the syntax to return “2”


You can try,
YourList.Max(function(e) Convert.ToInt32(e))

Hi Bro @Madhavi

I have some price fields on the website and want to got lowest price from these fields.

I want to use selector and counter variable to count to got the lowest price and then input the quantity need to buy into the quantity field.

The selector as in Zip file. And price field, quantity field as below picture.

How to do that ?
FILE.xaml (12.5 KB)
Thanks in advanceFILE.xaml|attachment (12.5 KB) (295 Bytes)