Get keys from a JSON based on a condition

Hey, guys
Do you know how to get the keys from a JSON if certain condition is met?

For instance, let’s suppose I have the following JSON structure:


Now if I were to retrieve B or C only if their values are true, how would I do it?

Thank you in advance!

@franrua02 Check if this is what you needed : (1.9 KB)


we can do it in oneliners once the JSON is parsed:

getting all True Options Keys: (returns array of String {“B”,“C”})

JObject.FromObject(JObj("Options")).Properties.Where(Function (p) Convert.ToBoolean(p.Value)).Select(Function (n) n.Name.ToString).toArray

Getting a Boolean return indicating if 1 or more true options are present)

JObject.FromObject(JObj("Options")).Properties.Any(Function (p) Convert.ToBoolean(p.Value))

Find demo XAML here:
Filter_ValueAsJObject.xaml (5.4 KB)


Yes, this is it. Thank you!

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