Get jobs orchestartor help

Hi i want my bot to kill a job after 50 Transactions

How do i use the getjobs activity and what is needed for the input

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yah along the process use a counter variable and increment that counter for each transactions getting processed
once after reaching 50 count validate that with a if condition like this
counter < 50
if true it will go to then part where we can have our process and add a assign activity to increment the counter like this counter = counter +1 at last in the THEN part
or if its false it will go to ELSE part where we can use a activity called TERMINATE WORKFLOW activity

hope this would help you
Cheers @jswali

So i have a counter that is default set to 0

then i increment in when processing transaction. I will have a transition with a condition to say counter = 50 which will lead to my new state here i want to get the job that is currently running from orchestrator kill it then add a delay of 5minutes and start the job again and reset counter to 0 @Palaniyappan

I wanted to know what do i need for the get jobs input as the input looks to be a filter which is confusing? what does it mean ? job name_environment? please can anyone help :slight_smile:

can i have a screenshot of it if possible

I have seen that i cannot use Stop Job activity unless i am using get jobs according to other forum posts.

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well we can use TERMINATE WORKFLOW activity


If i use terminate workflow, how will i restart my bot to start again in the next five minutes? i want to be able to kill all applications and for the bot to use a new session.