Get Jobs in UiPath

I am not ble to get ‘UiPath.Models.OrchestratorJob’ in the Type Argument of ‘For Each’. Could anybody please help me on this issue.

Are you searching for below one




Sorry I was searching for UiPath.Models.OrchestratorJob. Actually I was trying to display the jobs which i have created.

There is no argument as such UiPath.Models.OrchestratorJob


When referring to some of the links, I have found they were using that model to get the job details. Below is the link for your reerence.

Hi @issqfortest

when you create the variable with CTRL-K in the “Get Jobs”-Activity you can look up wich type of variable you need. It creates a UiPath.Core.Activities.OrchestratorJob Type
This should be the one you are looking for.