Get information from 2 identical processes and distinguish them

Hi folks!

Can you please help me out a bit?

We have 2 different terminals at our company and there is one process that interacts with them simultaneously.

The problem is that sometimes the connection could not be established, so I need to kill the terminal + the process.

As both terminals have 1-1 process being associated with them, I cannot kill both of them at the same time, so kill process with process name is not enough.

Is there any property that would return from a process what application triggered its start? In that case I could simply filter for terminal A or terminal B and only kill the one that has problems.

(imagine that terminal A launched properly, but terminal B not; in this case, I only want to kill the process for terminal B and leave terminal A as it is)

Many thanks in advance!


Hi @UiRobotidomar,
You can try to monitor Event Viewer from Powershell for example to check if there was any process of this started successfully. Or you can check out for process details using Orchestrator API and some commands. More details here:

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