Get important news in newspaper?

Suddenly This project appears on my mind…Can anyone say how its possible to get important news in the newspaper? if we want Some industry-related news, if I enter the industry name, I want to get 2 lines related to my keyword…

Thanks in advance

Hi @raja_ias,
I have created a somewhat similar bot using UiPath Apps. I have used News API to fetch the latest news related to the mentioned topic. The response of API is in JSON format so, deserialisation of JSON to text to get the individual links and finally, simply open the links! :blush:

Here’s the link: WhatsNews UiPath Apps

@Abhishek07 How u did it, bro? Can u guide me?

Hi @raja_ias,

It is a bit difficult to explain what I have done in detail.
I suggest you go through News API and test it.
News API link:
The usage of this API is easy to understand. If you are not familiar with APIs, please watch any available tutorials and test the News API on the Postman application.

Then, create a bot by using Rest API activities. Just do the things you did in the Postman Application.

The final part is to create a new App from UiPath Apps. Log on to your Orchestrator → UiPath Apps → create a new App → create a Basic Input and button (Refer to tutorial before starting) → Connect the variables with the UiPath Bot using arguments. You are done! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I am unable to find my file. So sorry! I can build a new one for you tomorrow or I will simply create a video tutorial for you! Till then, please try it yourself and only refer to the video if you have any doubts! Thanks!


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