Get IMAP Messages: The operation has timed out


I am developing a process which gets emails on Outlook Web ( with Get IMAP Mail Messages. I have given the port and server, username/password and SecureConnection correctly, but the acitivty is showing this error message:


I have given a 30s, 60s and 90s timeouts but the activity still does not work. I have also tried a different Outlook email and a Gmail email, but the same error occurs, and the same for Get POP3 Mail Messages. I looked around on MS forums for solutions but none of them have helped.

Has anybody had this issue before, or knows how to overcome this issue? Any help is appriciated.

Thanks in advance!

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in such cases we do check if any firewalls are blocking the communication. One of the tests could be to manually send an email with Powershell.
If this is also blocked then contacting the IT departement would be the next step for resolution.
If this is working we do have a proof that the coordinates / credentials are correct. Maybe the channel to the email server is blocked for UiPath. Still the same: sort it out with IT

Hey @ppr,

How would I use a Powershell? I haven’t used one before. I am currently looking at the link below but I can’t really make sense of it:

yes give a try. what you see in the link is what you will do in Powershell ISE manually.
have an alternate here:

once you have replaced the dummy values with your values e.g. Server IP/name etc. you can run and test

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Hey @ppr,

Another person in the company has got a 401 error from a Send Exchange Mail Message with the same login details I have tried using. As they work for signing in on Outlook Web, that means there is a server issue within UiPath.

Thank you for your help with Powershell scripts though! They look as if they will be useful in future workflows as they offer a lot of functions.

Marking this reply as the solution…

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