Get IMAP MailMessage, which can't get email body

Hi all,
I encountered a problem when getting the email body content. I can get email for address, title etc, however I am failed to get email body. I am using Get IMAP Mail Message.Here is the log:

05/04/2020 10:31:57 item.Subject=Equipment and ID Connect Request #2045X - Action Required item.Body=[END]

I am wondering why I can’t get email body, which actually has content in it? Is it the way I called it wrong or I used wrong API?

Here is the code:

“item.Subject=”+item.Subject+" item.from="+item.From.Address+" item.Body="+item.Body+"[END]"

Please ensure it really have text in there, sometimes the mail body can be image or other things… Try the debbuger to inspect the email object (item).