Get Imap Mail Messages - Unable to see email attachements

Experiencing a strange issue where a attachment is not found any more, but this process has worked fine prior to Oct 4.

Using the Get IMAP mail Message, connected to Gmail account.

Orchestrator Version 2019.10.15
Studio Version 2020.10.2

Uipath.Mail.Activities 1.18.1
There is a note about requiring a higher studio version.

I found a lower version will work, when I tried to downgrade the REFramework I noticed I could still not detect the email, If I setup just a process to test the mail.activities version of 1.12.3 worded fine.

Is 1.18.1 just incompatible with the studio version I’m using?

Hi @joshua.connor,

The mail package 1.18.1 version supports in studio version 2021.10 above. You can see in above screenshot.
Can i have the screenshot of the activity?