Get IMAP Mail Messages token Error

I used ‘Get IMAP Mail Messages’ activities for extract subject and OnlyUnreadMessages was checked.
But error ‘Get IMAP Mail Messages: Syntax error in untagged SEARCH response. Unexpected token: [atom: 0]’ displayed.
It’s been working fine for a while, but recently I’m getting an error. Port value and server are set appropriately

How can I solved this problem

@Yu_Sung_KIM ,
Could you please share the Screenshot of property panel, filter property used , value of the variable used in filter activity

Hi @Yu_Sung_KIM please check your search expression value in filter property?

Hey @Yu_Sung_KIM could you please try to increase the time out period.


Sreejith S S

@Tapan_Behera1 @muhamed_fasil

logon, host value can’t show. sorry

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