Get IMAP Mail Messages throws Error message": "Get IMAP Mail Messages: LOGIN failed

Hi Guys,

I have two different email accounts for Dev and Test environment in the organization. i have tried executing Get IMAP mail messages activities using both email accounts(Dev and Test email accounts). when i tried executing using my test email account i can successfully able to read the emails using IMAP. but when i tried the same using my Dev email account i am getting Error message -
message": "Get IMAP Mail Messages: LOGIN failed.

i have verified and the account details,credentials everything correct.
Could you please let me know what are the possible reason for the error and what action needs to be taken for solution


Check below for your reference

Hope this helps you


Hello there,
I think, you are facing this problem because Gmail allows highly secure transmissions and blocks any app which tries to access or send mails to gmail. So to resolve this error, try allowing the ‘Allow Less Secure Apps’ feature in security settings of your google account.