Get IMAP mail messages doesn't read mails

Hi guys,

I’ve found a bug using the activity “Get IMAP mail messages”. It’s present in all versions including actual preview.

When I try to read mails, it works perfect except if headers “From” or “To” doesn’t have a valid email address.

Sometimes applications use smtp servers and they set from address with application name. In this case, for example, the header is “From: CONTROL-M ” and UiPath activitie doesn’t read the email.

I found 2 workarounds, but I think that the activity must read this emails.

First workaround is ask sender to edit “from header” and inclide “@” in direction (not necesary to add “.com”)
Second workaround is to create a mail rule that moves this email to a directory and forward email to you again. This email will hace a valid From or To address (tested with o365 owa)


Starting with 1.10.4 we fixed an issue in Get IMAP Mail Messages related to retrieving emails with invalid email addresses. The activity is supposed to skip such addresses but still return the MailMessage object and log a warning message.

Is it possible to send me such a mail message (e.g. saved as .eml / .msg) to give it a try?

Hi @ovidiuponoran,
I’ve prepared the msg files, is possible to have your email address to send you the emails files? or one way to send the files only to you? If needed, I can open a support ticket to review this


I’ve just sent you a private message with my email address.

Hi @ovidiuponoran
I’ve just sent you an email
Thank you very much

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Thanks @CTCJ

We will investigate this for the next patch for Mail activities package.

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@CTCJ can you please check with Mail activities 1.13.1-preview?

@ovidiuponoran With this version it seems that the problem is fixed.

I have done a test with the email that I could not read before. Now it gives an information message (from address bad formatted) and reads the email correctly.
Thank you very much.

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Thank you @CTCJ for the feedback. I’m happy that it works now!

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