Get IMAP don't have error, but don't see|read mails

I use activity “Get imap”, write “MailFolder”,“port”,“server”, login and password
I filled out all the properties and specified the correct folder for reading emails
The activity works without errors, but the message does not read
what could be the problem?
Help me please)

Can you share your workflow?(Or) try to change the mail folder to “inbox” and check @Kirill_Kubskiy

Thank for the answer my friend
i change mail folder “Inbox” to “inbox” and “inbox” to “Inbox”
it didn’t help (((
I loading workflow


The output of get imap mail messages is list of mail messages.You need to iterate through for each and you can see the mail content

I use activity “FOR EACH”
This method works with Google mail, but does not work with corporate mail
I turned off privacy settings for third-party programs in Google
but as I was told there are no such settings in the corporate mail

Just login your corporate mail in gmail and enable imap in settings.I ahave used corporate mail before.It works

my corporate mail server is different, can it be a hindrance to working with activity “get IMAP mail” through the google server??

Hello @Kirill_Kubskiy

did you find a solution to your problem?