Get Image on Web and save to folder

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I have a difficult when get image on the web and save it into local. I have got successfully image on web but it has problem when save to folder. The step as below :

Step 1. The program will read CSV file which has some name of some product models I want to search on web
Step 2. The program will take snapshot image and save it into folder on PC

The problem is the image saved into local but it will replace the old picture in that folder.

How to save name of pictures with the model number as the CSV file each when (3.6 KB)
search on the web ?

The link to search : Mua Tủ lạnh giá rẻ, trả góp 0%, giao siêu tốc trong 4h|Điện Máy Xanh

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After taking screenshot,

In the Save Image Activity, please specify the different file name every time.

FileName - The full file path where you want to save the image, and its name.

Right click on the image you want to save and then click on save option after that it will ask you to specify the path where you want to save the image.and then save the image with different name every time.

Hi @KarthikByggari

Thanks you, I have find the way to save with model name number I want.

But which is the command line to save the image to the another path that still keep the command line inside :
row(0).toString + “.png” ( this command line to save name i want )

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Hi @Jan_Brian_Despi

Sorry Bro.

You have any ideas for this issue ?

Thanks you so much!

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I’ll check it once I arrived at the office. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Jan_Brian_Despi

Thanks you very much.

I want search some models as CSV file, and then save picture as below into the local driver with name same with model name in CSV file.

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try this one in your save image activity. “C:\Useres\Administrator\Desktop\PM”+row(0).ToString+".png"

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Hi Bro @josephivann

Thanks you so much.

I have completed before.

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