Get Full text error When running workflow

Hi Community,

I would like to ask how to fix the error as per screenshot below:

Thank you.


Place the get full text within ATTACH BTOWSER or ATTACH WINDOW activity if it’s a desktop application
activity and give a try

Make sure that the selector is valid

Cheers @SH_94

Hi @Palaniyappan ,

It is web browser application. Do the suggested solution work in this case?

Thank you.

Yeah place the activity within ATTACH BROWSER and give a try
And make sure that the get full text activity has a valid selector and in selector editor check whether you are able to highlight that element by clicking HIGHLIGHT option in selector editor


Hi @SH_94,

From your screenshot, I am suspecting your are trying to get text from a html table which does not have any rows within it.

The selector is probably looking for a row, but there is no row in the html table.

Hello @SH_94

Can you try refining your selector with the URL of the page (with wildcards if required) instead of the title of the webpage ?

Please try and let us know if that works!


Dear Jacob,

Could you try the below steps:

1.Use “Use App/Browser” (Modern design settings) activity to attach the page
2.Then use the get text activity
3.If the web page is not responsive,then try to select the element for the get full text activity through UI explorer

Geetishree Rao