Get Full Text 'Div': Timeout reached

I will use this activity (Screen Scraping) to extract the full text from any kind of webpages, but for some pages it will pop out this message and stop. To reduce this error I had add an if then else activity with the condition statement: “RespectiveUrl.Contains(“pdf”) Or RespectiveUrl.Contains(“ATTACHMENTS”) Or RespectiveUrl.Contains(“PDF”)”. Is it “pdf” different with “PDF”? How can I permanently eliminated this error?

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Hi @teo_choudu

Could you describe in detail the message you got?
And any time if you want to check both “pdf” and “PDF”, you can use following method.

I will open a list of url by using internet explorer, and then get full text from each web page by using screen scraping. But for some web page not all, it will stop and pop out an error message: "Get Full Text ‘Div’: Timeout reached. …Increase time or change property …

Thank you for your kindly reply

RespectiveUrl.ToUpper.Contains(“PDF”): May I ask ToUpper means?

Hi @teo_choudu

I think that you need use a try catch block to catch any possible error from Get Full Text activity.
Or just ignore all of the errors by setting ContinueOnError to Ture.
ToUpper means convert all of the lowercase characters in string to uppercase character.
So, if you want to ignore case, you can use RespectiveUrl.ToUpper.Contains(“PDF”) or RespectiveUrl.ToLower.Contains(“pdf”).