Get Full Text activity behavior question

I am using the Get Full Text activity scraping information from Federal Government SF-50 forms that are in PDF format. The activity works great except when the field is blank. Instead of returning no information (desired) it is returning the tooltip for that field.

Any idea how to prevent this behavior?

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Hi @KCO_KJackson

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Does this tooltip get captured when the field has data as well? Can you show me a screenshot of this scenario so that I can think of a better way to fix it?

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—kindly enable the property “IgnoreHidden
In the property panel of the get full text activity as that would include the hidden text if not enabled and if enabled it will remove the hidden text in it


—I hope you were able to select the field as a individual element as you are able to choose get full text
—so we can use Get Attribute activity and get the attribute value of “InnerText” or “aaname” attribute to a string variable
—this will be similar to what we need


If that does work we can use same screen scrapping method but with OCR instead of FULL TEXT

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @KCO_KJackson

Using Get Attribute worked.

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Great cheers @KCO_KJackson

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