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When using ‘Get Full text’ activity for Multiple pages somethings few data’s will be there in few pages; but won’t be present in other pages, in such cases how do we use this activity?

please more details

Hi @karthik.suvarna

Use the check app state activity for which maximum of values are not present in the pages.
In target appears block give the Get full text activity to get the text. Don’t give any activities in the target not appear block.

If you are using the classic activity use the element exist activity.

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Hi @karthik.suvarna

Use element exists(classic activity) or check app state(modern activity) to check whether the UI element exists or not. If exists then use get full text activity.

The values are present in each pages, but the values gives me null results even after i indicate the element in get full text activity.

so what do i indicate in Edit selector activity to get the exact data’s when it navigates to each url’s

Hi @karthik.suvarna

Use get text activity(modern) instead of get full text.

Use strict selector and use wildcards (*) in URL

Thankyou for the solutions.

Anytime @karthik.suvarna

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