Get From Clipboard: One or more errors occurred

Hi Team,

We are trying to automate a process using desktop application. We are getting the error “Get From Clipboard: One or more errors occurred”. Can anyone please help me?

Activities used:
Get from clipboard.

Thank you in Advance!


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what do you want to do with this?

@SudhaRajesh What will Ctrl +C copy?

Hi Bcorrea & supermanPuch,

Thank you for the immediate response.

we are copying the data from clipboard & Generating the data table using column separators “chr(9)” to count the number of rows. Sometimes Copy to clipboard is throwing error " One or more errors occurred" and sometimes it is returning only one row, though it has n number of values.


now you got me confused, are you copying TO clipboard or FROM it?

Sorry for the confusion.

Ctrl+ C → copy data from application to clipboard
Get from clipboard → Get the copied data

but is there a reason you are first putting this data in the clipboard and then back to uipath?

@SudhaRajesh Can you show us what you are trying to Copy from Application?

yeah i am facing this problem. sometime its work sometimes itsnot. if you have the way to solve please let me know.

Did we get any solution , as i am also facing the same problem. and i don’t know what is the problem.

Logs :