Get folders into dropdown

Hi all,

I want to get the list of folders available in the tenant in a dropdown in UiPath apps if it is possible.

Thank you.

you can use the orchestrator API to get the folder from tenant and then store it into a list and pass it to your UiPath apps.

can u show me the process or documentation

@nagaabhishekreddy.c ,

Yes you can do by using UiPath Process. Check below process to get list of folders and subfolder.

Create a Data table out argument in process and store all the folders name into data table and then published process.

Once you published then map with apps and use drop down data source as Data table argument of process.

Arvind Kumar

but this will take time to execute the process right, i want it to quickly show the folders when i click the dropdown

@nagaabhishekreddy.c ,

Yes that’s the draw back right now. We don’t have other direct approach right now.

you can follow one more approach. Create one Folder entity in to data service and sync the folder structure into Entity and bind app with data service.

You can sync process with entity daily if need to keep updated.


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