Get folder names from directory create new folder for new month surch for folder name that contains previouse month name in its name


I have directory that contains folders indicating names of months
Each month I need to create new folder with new month name and copy inside this new folder file from folder with name of previouse month.
How can I do that?

Do you mean create a new month folder and then move the entire previous month folder into the new folder? Can you give an example of a current month folder structure?

I need to create folder for next month. For this I need to check wich month in the Directory at picture is the last. In my case it is august 2020. Robot should to find last month in the folder itself and create new folder with the name of next month, so it should be September 2020. Next robot should find folder for prevoiuse month - in this case it is august 2020, open that folder and copy file from august 2020 to new just created folder September 2020.
File for folder

Hi @Apple1

Do the file name would be of same format for every month?


Nived N :robot:

Yes same format