Get first occurance of digits efter matched string of different lengths


I’ve tried google and various RegEx pages, but I can’t get it to work.

I’m trying to get first occurance of up to 5 digits after a specific word but the anchor can be followed by various other words.

The strings can be something like;

Kasko Tyv M.M 2000 / something more 2000
Kasko M.M 750 / something more 20000
Kasko Brand Tyv 10000 / something more 5000
Kasko 4005 / something more 750

How do get the first digits after Kasko?

@Michaeljep Can you Check this :
The First Group gives you the number

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I was on the right way I can see.

Your solution used in Matches activity and group 1 assigned afterwards did the trick,



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