Get First 8 columns from an excel and merge to another table

Hi devs, please I need assistance getting the first 8 columns of excel and their values and merging to another table.The logic to get that. Regards

Hi @RPA-botDev

How about the read range as Dynamic to fetch 8 Column from the datatable

Check with the below experssion!
Step1: Read Range the WholeExcel
Step2:Read Range the Excel Using
Giving range as below.



@pravin_calvin, Where’s dt coming from

When you say merge, do you want use a value as an index to add corresponding information from the 8 columns? Or do you simply want to grab those 8 columns and place them into a different table?

Hi @RPA-botDev

First Read Range the whole Excel without mentioning the range and from that the Dt variable comes from!

Then in the second readRange try using the Range


It will read upto column H with all the data


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Yea, I want to grab those 8 columns and place them into a different table

Hi @RPA-botDev

Can we see the structure of the excel or ScreenShot of that excel hiding the sensistive information!


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