Get Faulting Jobs in the last 15 minutes using Orchestrator API


I am using Cloud Orchestrator. I need to use an API Call to get the Jobs that failed from all folders in the last 15minutes. Can someone help me with the URL. I am able to use $Filter eq ‘Faulted’ but how to provide Start and Endtime in the Filter?

Thanks in Advance


Can you try to use “StartTime gt 2023-10-06T08:09:33.82Z” as a filter. You can also add this filter to your endpoint like shown in picture. If you use more than one filter parameter it is okay to combine with “and” operator.

I have added Start time with ADD filter. That works. But I need Jobs that are faulted in the last 15minutes. So, For this I need to provide “between” Operator. How to provide that?

Issue Solved. I tried using ge (Greater than or Equal to) for start time and le (Lesser than or Equal to) in the End time. It worked.

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