Get ExcludedDates from a Calendar in Orchestrator via HTTP request

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I have two non-working days calendars (SimpleCal and TempCal) configured in Orchestrator and I’d like to determine which calendar’s (TempCal) ExcludedDates I’d like to retrieve from Orchestrator via an HTTP request.
I used UiPath’s official Guide (, but when I set up the filter for the specific calendar ("/odata/Calendars?$filter=Name%20eq%20’TempCal’"), the ExcludedDates are still empty in the JSONResponse.

Is there a way to get a specific calendar’s ExcludedDates from Orchestrator with an API call?

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Hi, i understand that calendars are a tenant scoped thing, are you hitting the right endpoint? Since i only have community edition, i actually got the same thing as you are saying but unsure if i would be able to get that anyway.

I have limited understanding on how Orchestrator API calls work actually, I’m just looking for a solution I could apply. I’ve checked it on an on-premise server and got the same JSONResponse for a specific calendar.

I’ve tried this solution as well: Get Non-Working Days from Orchestrator

“/odata/Settings/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.GetCalendar()” gets me the first calendar’s ExcludedDates, but I have no idea on how I could specify the query to the calendar’s name/id/etc. I’m interested in. Unfortunately the discussion I’ve linked has stopped before anyone sent a solution on how to specify the calendar.

What is the version of your Orcehstrator?

On-premise: 19.10
And I’m trying it on the community version as well.

Ok, maybe something is wrong… see even in documentation, the example brings empty values for the dates… In my tests too, i cannot see the dates… Calendars Requests (

@loginerror Do you know anything about Calendars requests and if they were supposed to bring the dates for an specific calendar?

Yeah, something’s odd.

odata/Calendars?$filter=Name%20eq%20’BankHoliday’ identifies the Calendar and gets its ID, but it doesn’t get the dates.

/odata/Settings/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.GetCalendar() gets the dates of the Calendar that has been added first, but I don’t know how I’d be able to specify a specific calendar by name or ID.

/odata/Settings/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.GetCalendar() worked as a GET command in old versions of Orchestrator which only had one non-working days calendar.

Now you will need to use GET command: /odata/Calendars(2)
Change the Id number as necessary, this assumes 2 is the ID you got back from your GET command: odata/Calendars?$filter=Name%20eq%20’BankHoliday’

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And this is the solution I was looking for. Thank you very much!

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Since this was not documented, i suggested an edit in the documentation to add this, thx @mdurham

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