Get Exchange Mail Messages : The response received from the service didn't contain valid XML

Hi Team,

I am getting below error while getting mails from exchange activities, using the Mail activity 1.1.6562.21018 version,

“Get Exchange Mail Message : The response received from the service didn’t contain valid XML.” and below error,

jsonexcep.PNG888x244 10.3 KB

But, If I am using Mail activity 1.2.6863.29868 version, it is giving the result. Is there any issue in getting mails from Mail activity 1.1.6562.21018 version ?

And also, Mail activity 1.2.6863.29868 version is working in UiPath Studio but not working while running from robot tray after publishing it?

it is showing the below error;

"message":“System error at initialization: Error compiling code\nerror BC2000: compiler initialization failed unexpectedly: Project already has a reference to assembly UiPath.Mail.Activities.Design.resources. A second reference to ‘C:\Users\RPA_User\.nuget\packages\uipath.mail.activities\1.2.6863.29868\lib\net40\fr\UiPath.Mail.Activities.Design.resources.dll’ cannot be added. At line -33\n at Source: Filter All Excel file and Fetch Details: Invoke code”,

Can anyone assist on this?

Karthika S

I hope you got two same packages but of different versions
Kindly remove the older version of that package from the folder and try once

Cheers @KarthikaS