Get Exchange mail messages read only the first 1000 mails

Hi all,

While i am using the Get exchange mail message to read all the unread mails from a shared mail folder, it only reads the first 1000 unread mails and mark it as unread.

But i want to read all the unread mail in 1 go…

Is there any threshold for reading the number of mails in this activity…?

@siddharth @Rashmi : Please respond ASAP…!!!

I hope you are giving the number as 1000 in the Top field.
Have you tried giving bigger number ?

No manh… I am keeping that field as empty… I also tried putting a random number like 10000 for solving that problem but it also didnt worked…:expressionless:

May be that was the limitation of UiPath :slight_smile:, Hope the team UiPath let us know the know the reason

I am facing the same issue did you find any solution