Get Exchange Mail Message

Hi Everyone ,

I have a scenario where I have to get the bulk of mail message from the shared mailbox from Web mail , So Here I have used “Get Exchange Mail Message activity” to get the Bulk of mail messages with the Get Exchange Mail Message Activity But whenever i am trying to fetch above 50 mail message counts , it is throwing me error as “value cannot be null” even after invoking all the inputs appropriately, But i am not getting any issue with lesser number of mail counts say for 10 mail counts. Please kindly help me to sort out this issue if anyone know how to fetch the mail message using this “Get Mail message Activity” or they have any alternate solutions to fetch the mail.

Please note that here I cannot use Outlook applications to configure it.

Thank you in advance.


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Could you please set value to 30 and then try once.

Hi @lakshman ,

Thank you.

I cannot set the default value as 30, because the mail counts can be above 30,100 or 150 or it can be 300 as well depending upon the requirement.One more thing i cannot get the mail with “Mark as unread” as well.