Get Exchange Mail - from Public Folder in Outlook

I have developed a bot which needs to read/move mail items from a Public Folder in Outlook. I am using the Get Exchange Mail activity because I need to also get attachments for all.

It works OK using a dummy folder structure I created in Outlook in my personal account area,but I have no idea how to configure it to look at the Public Folder path.

\\Inbox\Network\Network-Automotive - Works Fine.

\Public Folders -\All Public Folders\Network\Network-Automotive - Can’t get it to read this folder instead

I have tried various things, often getting error messages such as SMTP inbox not available for this account or folder does not exist, or in one case I used the above full path and it was actually just reading my \\ area instead for some reason.

How do I configure the Get Exchange Mail activity so that the MailFolder is looking at a Public Folder path?

Has this issue ever been solved with Exchange mail activities? It works for us with Outlook mail activities, but it would be more efficient for us to realize with exchange activities.

Thanks in advance