Get Exchange Mail - does it work with cloud mailboxes?

We just moved to Office 365 and changed out all of our “Get Outlook” activities for “Get Exchange Mail”. We used the EmailAutodiscover feature and that seemed to work really well - until they migrated my email address to the cloud! Now I cannot get it to work.

So my question is, do I need to look for a different activity for cloud based mailboxes, or do I just not have my server, domain, password, user, etc set up correctly?

I’ve already spent a couple hours with our Exchange guy and I hate to eat up more of his time trying different configurations, so was hoping someone @Gabriel_Tatu (?perhaps?) could point me in the right direction…

Studio 2020.10.2
UiPath.Mail.Activities 1.9.3

Do you configure server in Exchange activity to “” ?
Also check your username is a full email address.