Get Excel row numbers


I am looking up a value in excel and I would like to get the cell number of that value. I have tried to use screen scraping, but since I have a lot of values to go through in a loop, sometimes it returns null because it can not read the cell number.
If there is any other solution rather than using screen scraping I would be happy to hear and learn those.

Hi @Robert_Wennberg,

you can use Lookup datatable activity


This can be achieved in 2 ways- (If you dont know which column the value will be)

  1. Ui Automation
    a) Open excel file.
    b) Use hotkey ctrl+home to go to first cell
    c) Use hotkey ctlf+f to open the search dialog
    d) Enter the text for search and click enter
    e) Check is search string not exists pop up appears?
    f) if popup appears, click esc twice(once to close pop up & 2nd to close search dialog). End the process.
    g) Otherwise, Use hotkey esc to come out of search window
    h) Use get text activity to get the cell address from Name box left to the Formula bar
    Repeat step b to h if you want to search for more values. Otherwise, close the application.

  2. Using Macro
    Record macro for the steps specified in Method 1 and use Execute Macro activity to run the macro.

If you know which column the value will be, then use filter data table and check the row index and generate cell address.

Please let me know if this works.