Get Excel Comments Address in Invoke Code

Hi Guys!

I need to extract the comments address (e.g A1, B2, etc)
I already added Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel to use in an Invoke Code activity but when I tried to use ws.Range(“A2”).Value = Comment.Parent.Address as we would when making an Excel macro I get an error.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Hi @uvazquez ,

If possible could you share the code so that it will be helpful to troubleshoot the issue. Thanks.

Sure, in this cycle,I’m going through each of the comments on a sheet,

As of now I’m able to extract the comment itself using the second line of code, however from the first one I need the Comment’s origen cell. The problem is Address, as highlighted in the image, does not appear. This is where I would need an alternative.