Get Error Code:[202] Message: Ratelimited Ok:False On UiPath.Slack.Activities

Why does this error "[202] Message: Ratelimited Ok:False On UiPath.Slack.Activities " appear after sending few API calls to send Slack messages per minute? Higher limit is required.

Root Cause: In the Slack activities properties are 2 ways of giving the channel where a message should be posted:

  • Name
  • Channel Id

If the name of the slack channel is given then for every API call the conversation.list is called in order to find the channel ID from the given name. This way the rate limits can be hit as too many requests are made to the endpoint conversations.list in a minute. This method is a Tier 2 method, indicating that it is allowed to make 20 requests per minute, and occasional bursting is allowed.

If over 50 requests are made per minute and before getting the rate limited , error is thrown.

  • Change the properties of the activity.

Instead of giving the Slack channel name, giving the slack channel an Id would avoid overusing the conversation.list API.

The slack channel ID can be found in the slack app under Channel / About section, or it could be seen in the Locals panel, looking at the API call that was made using the Name setting.

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