Get equal values in the same string with MATCHES activities

Hello everyone,

I’m using the MATCHES activity with the expression "(? S) [0-9] {2} . [0-9] {3} . [0-9] {3} / [0-9] {4} - [0-9] {2}. *? TITULAR "to get all equal values in the same string and get the answers in FOR EACH. However, the return comes incorrect.
Can someone help me?
Attached an example

Regex_Group.xaml (6.4 KB)

@Lucas_Lopes Can you elaborate more what exactly you need from the input string

Hello Indra,

I need to get equal expressions in a string, but it may contain information that I don’t need.
Str: 12.123.123 / 1234-12 aaaaa bbbb COMPANY 123.123.123-12 AAAA BBBB HOUSE 12.123.123 / 1234-12 aaaaa bbbb COMPANY.

I need to get all the same expressions 12.123.123 / 1234-12 aaaaa bbbb COMPANY
And do not get 123.123.123-12 AAAA BBBB HOME

@Lucas_Lopes Use this regex

Hi Indra,

This works fine, but I have no information limitation between "\ d {2} [.] \ D {3}. \ D {3} \ s [\ /] \ s \ d {4} \ d {2} \ s ([az] {5} \ s [az] {4}) "and COMPANY.

For this reason I use (. *), I also have no limitation on how many times the expression can be found in the string; Maybe the correct expression appears between 1 or more information I don’t need

I was able to solve using Datatable and applying the filters.

Thank you for your help

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