Get Dynamic Row Index from SAP screen


I am trying to replace an Obsolete part with active part when creating an order in SAP.
The Obsolete part can be at any line in SAP (dynamic).
I am trying to find at which line the Obsolete part appeared i.e. trying to get the row index of the Obsolete part. Cursor is active on the obsolete part.
In screenshot below, material 3410 is Obsolete. I cannot extract the data in excel as the order is in the process of getting created. Material-Qty info comes in electronically and is not known beforehand / not available in excel

I tried to read line with dynamic selector - mentioned below was tried

  1. tableCol=‘0’ tableRow=’*’
  2. tableCol=‘0’ tableRow=’{{itemCount}}’ with looping on itemCount
    3.tableCol=‘0’ tableRow=’"+itemCount.ToString+"’ with looping on itemCount

Nothing worked.

I am wondering if somehow we can get the row index where cursor is active.
Any idea to get the row index of active cursor position ??

I resolved it by using Data Scrapping and then looping on data to get the SAP Line Item No. Table Row was easy to find with some maths using SAP Line Item No.

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