Get DT from an Index

Hi there!
Could you tell me how to get from A6 to the rest of the table?
I mean, get all the values ​​without all those headers?

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With read range activity inside the excel application scope mention the range as “A6” and mention the sheetname as well so that we will be getting all the data from A6 till the end of the table as a datatable variable output
And make sure that Add Headers property is unchecked in the read range activity so that all records are considered as rows without any headers and to get the records of any column we need we can mention the only the column index which usually starts from 0 for the first column
Like this inside the for each row loop activity
row(0).ToString where 0 is the column index of first column and with simple assign activity like this
Where first 0 is the row index of first row and 2 is the column index of third column

Simple isn’t it
Hope this would help you
Cheers @Enzo_Rossetti