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Hi guys , I have to automate one page on which there is comment and below there is img attached to it with some comments,My task is to extract image and map with that particular comment,
but unfortunately there is no clue to mapping the comment from that specific image,there Is no particular selector to map.

So, my concern is, Is their any way to extract the tag like if that particular section contains ‘img’. Tag so means there is image.

Is their any way to extract the Dom elements like img tag ,aaname, span?

Hey @Anjali_Rani

Yes it can be done.

But just to confirm, you need to extract all the img attachments from the webpage is that right ?


Okay so you can use Find Children which should be updated with Filter with a proper selector identifying your respective comment.

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Okay, thanks I will try this . Hope it will work :crossed_fingers:

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Yep sure :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @Anjali_Rani

Is it in a table format???

No it is not, for each comment rows i have idx number 2,3,4…i.e. SyntaxEditor Code Snippet

but for image there is nothing like that. infact the index of image is defined like idx=1 i.e on that page no matter what is the idx of comment… idx of image start from 1 i.e

SyntaxEditor Code Snippet

that pointing to last row comment, si i am not able to map the image with their corresponding comment.

Is there any other attributes which can help ?? Like rowNum??

for image it is not , that’s what the issue, there is only img tag present , for img

Are these LHS data the images??? And you need to map to RHS comments??

yes, like which image related to which comment thst needs to map

Hey, Thank you so much, after so much brainstorming on this soln finally i made this work. Thanks a ton. :slight_smile:

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Cool buddy perfect :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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