Get Distinct values and all its corresponding columns values

Hi All,

I am having an excel file , which has huge data(might be 1000 records some times less some time more). Taking it to DT1.
Datatable dt = Datatable.DefaultView.Totable(true, list of column names)

now from this excel i have to take distinct numbers from the Column A - Id.

The below excel file is having distinct values – 79792, 79795, 79771 etc… I hav highlighted in yellow color

These distinct values I m entering in to the fllowing form in SAP app… I have circled in it red color below.

Then it goes to following screen, you can see the id – 79796 . For this Id particular its all values are shown in the tabular form in the below screen… then we have to enter all the count values from columnE the excel file one by one in the below screen in the column- “counted quantity”


And other columns are auto filled. And these all data I have to compare with the excel file.


Hi @Seem,
Can you attach the xl file please ?


Hi @balupad14

Please find the excel file

Thank you

exceldata.xlsx (10.1 KB)

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