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I have list of urls in spreadsheet, i want to open the website one by one and get the require details for all the urls and stored it into one DT. Finally write the data table to excel or csv file format. I have build the structure for that task and able to get the output in xlsx format but i have only one url details in the spread sheet not for all. Please advise.


It would help if you shared some of your workflow, so we know what you have so far.

Essentially, you would need to follow these steps:
— Excel Read Range of urls
— Add Data Column(s) to the url data table
— For each row In urlDataTable
----- Open/Navigate to row(0).ToString or url
----- Assign details to added columns
— Excel Write Range

How you update the Spreadsheet will depend on how you want to add the details in, but I’m assuming you want to add the details to columns for each url row.



Hi Clayton, Thanks for your prompt response.
– Yes first i had read the excel file using read range activity and stored the output as OutDT1.
—then added for each row for open the url one by one. Inside the for each i have used few anchor base to get some details from each url.
–Then created build data table activity for build the column(6colms). It has been stored as output MasterDT.
– then i had added add row activity for add the details for row wise. Then write it to xlsx or csv format. ExtractFinalMasterData.xaml (32.4 KB)

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it looks good
but made some small changes like
–First build datatable activity
–then excel application scope acttivity
–and moved all the remaining like add data row and write range to excel appplication scope and placed within for each row loop (whichh was actuallly misssing so only one row details gott creatted)
but heree in writee range mention the sheet name as counter.ToString+"set"
where counter is a variable of type int32 with default value as 1
–next to this write range use a assign activity like this (still being inside the loop)
counter = counter +1
ExtractFinalMasterData.xaml (36.4 KB)

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