Get datetime value from different date format from Excel

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I have a problem to read date from Excel. I have 2 separate Excel that both have date but different date format and one (yyyy/mm/dd) can be read and possible to parse date time format but other one (dd/mm/yyyy) is not, (See also attachment as sample.)

ReadCell(日付).xaml (6.1 KB)
readCell(日付).xlsx (9.3 KB)

Does anybody know good way to convert multiple date format to uipath datetime format??
*I know one way by using separate by “/” but that somehow bothersome so I need good way to read it.

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@Jumbo follow this link


isn’t it splitting text by slash? my point is easy way to convert formatted string to date.

and I also wanted to know why one format is okay and one is not,

Hi @Jumbo

Maybe this thread will help? :slight_smile:

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Hi @loginerror

Thanks!! That’s what I’m looking for!