Get date, Scrape Data, and put it in CSV File

Hi Everyone,

I just want to ask if how do you get the date for example today. And scrape the data. And input it in the CSV file.

For example: I want to put the 11/08/2018 data ONLY in the csv file.

Considering that you’re working on a web page and you want to scrape only the Date field, use the “Screen Scraping” Wizard, and when it gives you “… you want to scrape the whole table ?” question you simply respond no and follow by the next item which is going to be the next date, finally you put your extractedDataTable in a excel sheet

Hi reda,

I also want to scrape the information(Parties/Caption, Date, File Number, Court, Type, Judicial Officer & Description).

For example I want to get the information of 11/8/2018 and put it in the csv file.

So the result in excel should be:

State v. Ortez-Olivia 11/08/2018 1802000055 Superior Court Criminal Scott
J. Order. Defendant’s Motion to Suppress - DENIED.
State v. Tatem 11/08/2018 84006375DI Superior Court Criminal Scott
J. Order. Defendant’s Motion for Post-Conviction Relief - DENIED.

Ok so I suppose now that you want to take the whole table, in this case it’s even easier you just use the same “Screen Scraping” wizard and you point to a value in the table you will have “do you want to extract the whole table” answer yes and it will do it.

Even if you want to take a part of the table just take all of it and then select the columns that you want.