Get Date from Array String


I have a problem. I have to create a date from a array. So as an example i have the array:
“M_Any_Wo3_Sa”. I divide these into “M” “Any” “Wo3” and “Sa”.
M = monthly
Any = placeholder for additional information
Wo3 = For the third day of the month
Sat = Saturday

From this information I should determine which date is the third day of collecting in each month.
For example:

I have other examples as an array:

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@JanLuetje What about the Year Information? Also Provide an example String that needs to be the Input

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Hi @supermanPunch

an exampleinput: “ABC_INT_OS_Windows_Full_PG3_M_Any_Wo1_Fr_2000-2400_A”. I split that Arry by “_”. It is always this year in this example.

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@JanLuetje What is the decoded Date from this String :sweat_smile:

@supermanPunch This is the problem :smiley:.

I don’t have a date variable, just this string that needs to be converted to a date variable. So you have to calculate out which is the third Saturday in every month.

@JanLuetje No I mean, Do you know the Decoded date for that String :sweat_smile: just by looking into it, or do you have already a Mapping that Points out Which is the Month from the String?

I think for the provided string, the expected dates should be the first Friday of each month.

Wo1 = first day of the month
Fr = Friday