Get datatable from webpage into a single cell


I got a data table from amazon and i want to paste all data in one cell on excel. can any suggest me a way.

This is how i am currently getting my results, but i want them all to be pasted in one cell.

Hi @Attia_Nafees

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You can try with below steps!

Read range the excel with workbook readrange

For each row in read datatable

Currentrow(“Seller name”) =
string.join(",", readDt.AsEnumerable().Select(Function (a) a.Field(of string)(“Seller name”).ToString).ToArray())

Outside the body of the loop use

Write range with same readrange path , datatable and sheet name


Thank you for your response, going to try this and let you now if the problem is solve

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I tried this but it throw validation error

Hi @Attia_Nafees

Can you send the screen shot of the error?


this is the error i am encountering

Hi @Attia_Nafees

What i have told is we can able to do with studio!

If its studio X!

refer to the screenshot below!


Thank you going to try it now and let you know

Hi @Attia_Nafees

Is that any specific reason to use studioX /we can achive in studio easily!


another error

I thought studioX would be simpler

Hi @Attia_Nafees

Not familiar in using studio x!

if you need to achieve in studio means i can provide xaml!

you need to switch from studio x to studio refer to the screen shot below!

for enabling the classic option—>open studio—>

The task would be done in studio as follows below!




The whole process look a like below!


Alright will try so and let you know

Hi @Attia_Nafees,

The solution provided by @pravin_calvin, would work here.
Let us know if you need any further solutions.


Hy, i am going to try it today and let you guys know thank you

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Tried still encountering the same error

Hi @Attia_Nafees

You need to create a dt variable as out in read range and pass it in for each row


how do i create a variable sorry for bothering you so much, i am really new to UIpath

Hi @Attia_Nafees

Refer to the xaml below!

Just replace the file path and sheet name as per you excel file!

test_sequence.xaml (7.3 KB)



Check with the below link for learning!

And Check with the excel automation video guidance below!


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