Get data from web page

Currently I’m working on a project that needs to have information from three different spreadsheets combined into one sheet. Below are a list of tasks that need to be implemented. If anybody has any suggestions that would be great. I’m currently a interning for a company and will be using UiPath for many tasks, its awesome to have forums like this to learn form.

  1. log into website with username and password (Got this to work)
    I used the open browser and type into activities as well as the click activity to achieve this part.

  2. Once signed in identify and pull reports

3.Combine Billing reports

  1. Deliver Report to output systems

@NATHAN_MORA - pls visit uipath academy ( portal and enroll to Level 1 - Foundation Training & Level 2 - Orchestrator 2018.3 courses.
These courses will give you a complete reference and guide to build your required bots.
Hope this will help you.

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