Get Data from orchestrator using sql queries

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Please help me How we can get data from orchestrator using sql queries in UiPath studio
Please help on this
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UiPath Orchestrator uses SQL Server as it’s database, therefor you need to install a SQL Server Driver/Provider on the machine that your Studio and Robot are hosted on.

Please have a look at the following:

Hi @codemonkee thanks

I have already intalled sql server and uipath studio
But how to get data from orchestrator using sql queries from Uipath Studio
Which Activity we will use

Hi @Vivek_Kumar4

First, you need to create a connection with the UiPath Orchestrator database using UiPath Connect/Start Transaction activity and pass the database connection string to this Activity and then fetch the data from any UiPath Database table using Execute Query Activity.

for more details please go through : About the Database activity as mentioned by codemonkee

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Hi @Gopal_Tewari1
I want to extract data from orchestrator using sql query
Like -1.Jobs

Please read over the documentation provided. If you have specific questions or troubles you are running into, we are happy to help. As it stands your inquiry is generic as such we can’t give any specifics without knowing what steps you have attempted and what is not working for you.

As a side note, depending on what data your are looking for have you considered leveraging the API instead of a direct SQL Connection?

Is there any update on this? I’m pursuing the same objective:

Extract data via SQL queries from the UiPath Orchestrator Database. The user role for me has already been created on the server.

Currently I am trying to use python to extract data. Any hints/advices/guidelines on how to connect and query?

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