Get data from multiple CPUs using only one RPA bot

Hi, everyone,

Can anyone tell me if UiPath has any feature that allows an RPA bot to get data from multiple CPUs, while being installed on a separate CPU?
The requirement I have is that a group of people (around 30) working on various cases need to input some specific information related to each case. The bot would then pick up that information and use it to finish the job for each case.
The point is that the automation is only cost-efficient if there is only one bot installed on a separate unit and it is not cost-efficient if it is installed on all 30 computers. Is there any workaround to this?

Thank you,

Hello @nemesvl ,

There are some possibilites. What do you mean by “specific information”? What is a form of this information? You may consider some shareddrive to hold informations needed for bot.